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FACTUM Screw jar 212ml, white, mouth: TO70De
starts at € 0,38
FACTUM Screw jar 410ml, white, mouth: TO82De
starts at € 0,58
FACTUM Screw jar 125ml, white, mouth: TO58De
starts at € 0,29
FACTUM Screw jar 192ml, white, mouth: TO58De
starts at € 0,39
FACTUM Screw jar 370ml, white, mouth: TO70De
starts at € 0,49
FACTUM Screw jar 154ml, white, mouth: TO58De
starts at € 0,29
Straight jar 225ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,52
Dropper bottle 100ml, brown, mouth: GL-18
starts at € 0,37
Dropper bottle 50ml, brown, mouth: GL-18
starts at € 0,26
FACTUM Screw jar 720ml, white, mouth: TO82De
starts at € 0,78
Swing top jar 4880ml, white, round
starts at € 5,80
Straight jar 435ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,56
FACTUM Screw jar 75ml, white, mouth: TO58De
starts at € 0,26
Glass jar 30ml, brown glass, mouth: BAK-38S
starts at € 0,34
Glass jar 60ml, brown glass, mouth: BAK-51S
starts at € 0,41
Honey jar 410ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,72
Screw jar 125ml, white, mouth: TO66
starts at € 0,38
FACTUM Screw jar 245ml, white, mouth: TO58De
starts at € 0,46
Swint top jar 2250ml, white, double hexagonal
starts at € 4,61  € 2,80 
Dropper bottle 30ml, brown, mouth: GL-18
starts at € 0,22
Glass jar 120ml, brown glass, mouth: BAK-58S
starts at € 0,49
Spice jar 100ml, white
starts at € 0,48
Cylindrical Jar 53ml, white, wide mouth: TO 43
starts at € 0,24
Screw jar 350ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,56
Screw jar 212ml, white, mouth: TO63
starts at € 0,43
Screw jar 30ml, white, mouth: TO43
starts at € 0,21
Spice jar 75ml, white
starts at € 0,54
 VITA Screw jar 225ml, white, mouth: TO70De
starts at € 0,47
FACTUM Screw jar 575ml, white, mouth: TO82De
starts at € 0,73
Glass jar 180ml, brown glass, mouth: BAK-63S
starts at € 0,59
Honey jar Euro 390ml, white, mouth: TO70
starts at € 0,46
Straight jar 215ml, white, mouth: TO66
starts at € 0,46
Screw jar 390ml, white, mouth: TO70
starts at € 0,48
Screw jar 1053ml, white, mouth: TO100
starts at € 1,23
Swint top jar 1140ml, white, round
starts at € 1,78
Cylindrical Jar 540ml, white, wide mouth: TO 100
starts at € 0,78
Honey jar 210ml, white, mouth: TO70
starts at € 0,63
 VITA Screw jar 220ml, white, mouth: TW70
starts at € 0,47
FACTUM Screw jar 192ml, black, mouth: TO58De
starts at € 0,97
Honey jar Euro 770ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,85
NORA Screw jar 785ml, white, mouth: TO82De
starts at € 0,79
FACTUM Screw jar 106ml white, mouth: TO70De
starts at € 0,45
Screw jar 167ml, white, mouth: TO66
starts at € 0,39
Screw jar 1700ml, white, mouth: TO100
starts at € 1,47
Honey jar 770ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,92
Screw jar 3400ml, white, mouth: TO100
starts at € 2,68
 VITA Screw jar 410ml, white, mouth: TO82De
starts at € 0,63
Screw jar 330ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,56
Straight jar 230ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,54
FACTUM Screw jar 380ml, white, mouth: TO58De
starts at € 0,69
Swing top jar 800ml, white, round
starts at € 1,59
Straight jar 230ml, white, mouth: TO66
starts at € 0,44
Dressing bottle 350ml, white, mouth: TO43
starts at € 0,64
Yogurt jar 500ml, white, mouth: TO70
starts at € 0,52
Screw jar 405ml, white, mouth: TO82
starts at € 0,58
Cylindrical Jar 720ml, white, wide mouth: TO 82
starts at € 0,65
Screw jar 41ml, white, mouth: TO43
starts at € 0,32
Replacement rubber ring Ø 68x94mm, red
starts at € 0,29
Wine glass "Vinophil - FRIZZANTE", white glass
starts at € 3,49
Are you looking for jars for your freshly cooked jam or your pickled vegetables? We offer a wide range of jars in many sizes and designs, and combined with the suitable accessories, your product is ready for selling on the market or just as a little give-away for your family and friends.  
Wide-neck jars are often simply called preserving jars. Depending on the purpose, jars are also called concerning to their use. To name a few examples: jam jar, honey jar, cucumber jar, pate jar, sausage jar, pesto jar and more.
As with glass bottles, the characteristics of the material glass should be highlighted. Glass is gas-tight, inert and diffusion-tight. This means that glass packaging is impermeable and tasteless and does not interfere with its contents. For this reason, glass is particularly suitable for the storage of all kinds of foods. Another big advantage of glass is its unlimited recyclability.  Waste glass is thus not an objectionable residue, but a desired raw material, which is recycled again and again. Jars are nearly always made from flint glass. The most common closure for preserving jars is the twist-off lid. When selecting the screw cap, pay attention to the processing and the properties of the food product.
ETIVERA offers twist-off caps with different kinds of seals made of various compounds for specific process conditions.
The standard compound is a standard pasteurization seal for process temperatures up to 95 ° C. Use only recommended in preheated condition. This closure is not suitable for oily products.
The special compound is a pasteurization seal for process temperatures up to 115 ° C. Use only recommended in preheated condition.
The screw cap with PVC-free seal is especially designed for cold filling. Basically, recommended for oily products.
We also offer twist-off caps with vacuum indicator / click. When the filled product cools down after hot filling (95°C) a vacuum inside the jar arises, which pulls the indicator down. When opening the jar, the vacuum releases with an audible click of the vacuum indicator, hence you can control that the glass was originally sealed.
Please note for all closures: compliance with the permitted migration limits must be checked and verified by the user, since only he determines the composition of the final product, the manufacturing process and the storage and use conditions.
When it comes to the stack ability of canned jars, it is important that the form of the glass bottom matches to the shape of the twist-off lid. The jars of our FACTUM series offer this feature, which makes these jars not only visually, but also practically very attractive.
A jar without shoulder, which enables the user to overturn the entire content at once, for example, on a plate, is called straight jar. This wide-necked jar type is mainly used for spreads as well as pates. Also, for serving desserts in the creative kitchen it looks beautiful.
Wire bail jars, also called clip top jars, are very useful as storage jars and they have a lid that is also made of glass. The jar has an air-tight rubber gasket which makes it convenient for storage of dry ingredients such as beans, flour, pumpkin seeds and rice. However, the gasket also makes it suitable for canning of vegetables or fruits as well as for preserving meat pies, jams, pickles and chutneys. Furthermore, this kind of traditional jars with the pre-assembled lid are also popular for serving soups, salads or desserts.
The smallest representatives of our jars are often used as serving glasses. They have a cylindrical shape and are ideal for portioning, for instance, jams, honey, jellies or spicy delicacies. The small jars are beautiful accessories on every breakfast table.
Due to the increasing appreciation of the material glass itself, a renaissance of canning came into existence. Especially in the meat delicatessen sector, there is an increased use of glass packaging instead of plastic packaging noticeable. At home, one-way jars are often used as storage jars as a second use. For storage of dry foods such as dried fruits and nuts, lentils, beans and noodles, large volume jars are just perfect.
At ETIVERA you will find a wide selection of different designs. Cylindrical jars, hexagonal jars, wire bail jars, straight jars, honey jars with honeycomb decor as well as portion jars.
With the development of the VITA jar not only the straight jar design was implemented, but also its rounded bottom design on the inside ensures that all the content can be picked up with a spoon an no leftovers remain inaccessible inside the jar. Without reduced diameter at the top, filling is easy, and the entire content can be emptied at once with a turn upside down. This makes it the ideal solution for preparing fruit jellies in appealing slices or dices. The precisely cylindrical body prevents the labels from wrinkling, labelling becomes a joyful experience.
Our label assortment offers you countless possibilities. Whether you need a standard label or a customized label with individual design and personal logo, the imagination knows no limits.
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You are welcome to visit us in our showroom at the company's headquarters in AT-8321 St. Margarethen/Raab. There you can see all our products in reality and our expert staff will be pleased to advise you individually. Purchasing our products directly at our headquarters is naturally possible as well. Ordered goods can be provided within a few minutes, enabling customers to take their purchases with them immediately.

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