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Viva bottle 200ml, white, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 1,25
Viva bottle 500ml, white, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 1,89
Viva bottle 350ml, white, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 1,99
Viva bottle 100ml, white, mouth: GPI22
starts at € 1,27
Viva bottle 700ml, white, mouth: GPI33
starts at € 2,63
Viva bottle 500ml, white, mouth: Cork disk
starts at € 1,89
Viva bottle 500ml, black matte coated, GPI28
starts at € 2,83
Viva bottle 350ml, black matte coated, GPI28
starts at € 2,95
Viva bottle 200ml, white, mouth: Cork disk
starts at € 1,25
Viva bottle 500ml, matte coated, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 2,83
Viva bottle 200ml, black matte coated, GPI28
starts at € 1,85
Viva bottle 200ml, brown coated, GPI28
starts at € 1,85
Viva bottle 200ml, matte coated, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 1,85
Viva bottle 350ml, matte coated, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 2,95
Viva bottle 500ml, gold coated, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 3,23
Viva bottle 700ml, black matte coated, GPI33
starts at € 3,79
Viva bottle 100ml, black matte coated, GPI22
starts at € 1,87
Viva bottle 500ml, brown coated, mouth: GPI28
starts at € 2,83
You are looking for empty glass bottles for vinegar or oil, bottles for juice, liquor bottles, milk bottles, medicine bottles or bottles for gin, whiskey, rum? We have a great offer - for all purpose and just in time deliverabe. In our Online Shop you find your desired bottle in your desired amount.
In the packaging glass sector, we generally defer between narrow neck products, which are called bottles or glass bottles, and wide-mouth products, often called mason jars.
The material glass has unique physical characteristics. Glass is gas-tight, inert and diffusion-tight. This means that glass packaging is impermeable and tasteless and does not interfere with its contents. For this reason, glass is particularly suitable for the storage of all kinds of liquids. Another great advantage of glass bottle is the unlimited recyclability. To waste glass is thus not an unpopular residue, but a desired raw material, which is recycled again and again.
Glass bottles are made with different finish, depending on their purpose and use. Cork finish find their use in the spirits bottle sector. MCA finish are used when it is about gas tightness. PP finish are mainly used for edible oils, vinegars and non-carbonated drinks. The finish GPI is a modification that is used more in the spirits sector. Crown corks are commonly used for beverage bottles such as beer bottles, juice bottles or lemonade bottles.
Glass bottles can be made of white glass or stained glass (green glass, antique glass, blue glass) This can be a design decision on the one hand or there are technical or physical reasons for it on the other hand.  Sunscreen is of course a major reason for the use of stained glass to protect valuable content from sunlight. White glass is used to make content visible to the consumer and to present products in an impressive manner.
The material glass has not got only technically significant advantages for bottles, it also has a positive influence on the general value of the contents. Glass is haptically seen a quite interesting material as it carries a sense of purity.  The view of the contents remains hidden in bottles which are in a satin state. This triggers a kind of curiosity.
At ETIVERA you find a wide range of bottles in different sizes and designs. Additionally, you can choose between a wide range of bottle caps.
For a successful appearance of your bottle at the customer, we produce self-adhesive labels in house. We can fulfill all your wishes on state-of-the-art machines. After printing with up to 7 colors, we can refine your label with all modern techniques. Whether screen printing, hot stamping, relief embossing or special paints.
ETIVERA - everything from one source available and just in time deliverable - including competent service with love.
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You are welcome to visit us in our showroom at the company's headquarters in AT-8321 St. Margarethen/Raab. There you can see all our products in reality and our expert staff will be pleased to advise you individually. Purchasing our products directly at our headquarters is naturally possible as well. Ordered goods can be provided within a few minutes, enabling customers to take their purchases with them immediately.

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